Meals for disadvantaged school children

No child can be expected to learn on an empty stomach.

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meals to hungry school children

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The issue

Children who go to school hungry have difficulties concentrating in class, experience learning difficulties and are more likely to miss school frequently. Teachers estimate that the average student loses more than 2 hours a day of learning time when they come to school hungry.

This can all lead to long-term effects on their life outcomes and impacts their ability to reach their full potential both in and out of the classroom.

With one in five grocery bags shockingly going to landfill in Australia, ignoring the hungry bellies in our classrooms around the nation isn�t an option we can accept. Together, this is something we can change.

1 child in every Australian classroom

goes to bed or school hungry everyday

What we support

We see a world where the inequality gap in Australia decreases significantly with children able to meaningfully participate in and out of the classroom having had a nourishing meal to start their day.

With our partner Ozharvest, we deliver meals to disadvantaged children all around Australia.

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Together we can provide nourishing meals to disadvantaged school children across Australia

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